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Here is what we're going to cover:

  • 1) Weekly reset summary
  • 2) Cohort highlights from week 2
  • 3) Why I lost a coaching client
  • 4) Best educational business model - Build it like a HARVARD brand
  • 5) June's cohort expectation
  • 6) Help me become a world citizen

First things first!
Here's an update on what I've done for the week.

1) Weekly Reset Summary

- 2h+ bike hike
- 50,000+ steps
- 100 pushups
- 40min run
- 1 podcast recorded for the misfits w/ @jordandivechaโ€‹
- 1 client lost
- 2 clients happy
- 1 lead call
- 3 - 5 videos made
- Slowly back to momentum with content creation

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Why I'm I sharing this journey with you?
One word: Documentation.
I want you to grow with me so that we can both look back at these moments together and see how far we've grown.

Let's get back to business.

2) Highlights from week two of the personal branding cohort

~ Testimonial of the week ~


  • How to overcome the feeling of "I'm not good enough"?

1) Find where it's coming from, what's the roots of it?

Usually it's a deep rooted trauma from a childhood experience.

When you find out where it's coming from, the next time you feel this way, you'll be consciously aware about this toxic pattern and you might not end up falling for that trap again!

2) Define what "good enough" is before you take action.

For example:

Enough is spending 2h on X

Enough is making 7 pages about topic X

Enough is doing 20 reach outs a day


3) Reframe a negative association to a positive association

From "I'm not good enough" -> to "I'm doing the best I can" -> to "I am good, and that's enough".

  • Don't quit in the DIP (Seth Godin)

Don't quit when moments are tough,
That's what average people do,
Average people quit early,
Don't be average,
Go through the dip until you see the light at the end of the tunnel.

  • If a good opportunity presents itself and you have the skills and passion for it, make an offer on the fly that can lead to your main offer

  • Don't just solve your clients' problems, solve the next problems that they'll more likely to face. And don't stop there! Problem solving is one thing, showing them better opportunities is a whole other thing. That's how you become a trusted expert and you retain clients over time
  • Limit the number of clients you work with per year so that you can generate more demand and less supply which creates a sense of urgency and brand

  • Before you fire a difficult client, give them a F*CK YOU price. Most likely then not they'll be more than happy to pay for it, you then realize you've been under charging yourself from the beginning

  • Focus on money-making activities

- Reframe your titles & hooks in your content to be money-related
- Partner with others in your niche who are in direct contact with your potential customer
- Use polls, surveys, and scorecards
- Conversations over content
- Simple scales, Fancy fails - include call to actions that leads to your offer

Let's not make this email crazy long,
I made this short video to tell you the story behind losing a coaching client.

3) Why did I lost a coaching client?



BEST educational business model - Build it like a HARVARD Brand ๐Ÿซ


I was watching this video from Alex Hormozi on Harvard's brand reputation and here's what I learned:


  • Harvard qualifies and turns people down โ€” only letting a selected few join their educational system
    • Redefine a qualified lead to be someone who has the highest likelihood of success with your program/service
      • Itโ€™s more important to know who youโ€™re not for than to know who you are for.
  • Harvard does not give income expectations they give the endorsement of their brand
  • Harvard does not graduate everyone
    • Instead of certifications, if someone fails because they didnโ€™t have the skills, Harvard will not graduate them therefore itโ€™s not Harvardโ€™s brand that is the problem but the studentโ€™s brand.
  • Harvard does not give testimonials of students based on how much income they make, they give DATA on the experience, network, relationships, character development, and jobs based on the customerโ€™s success metrics over a period of time
    • Whatโ€™s the average success duration of the thing that you educate them on?
  • Harvard does not give promises
    • โ€œYou might maybe graduate from Harvardโ€ yet people pay $XXX
    • Those people will do what Harvard people do (take action) which makes them get their dream job which makes them talk good about Harvard
  • Harvard is not an overnight success โ€” it takes 4 years to graduate and achieve success
  • $$$ formula: Big demand + Low supply = Prices high

June's Cohort Expectation ๐Ÿด

With full transparency!


I want to make Brand Orchestrate one of the best educational business models on the planet.


-> Using an iterative brand mastery process <-

Step 1 - Find, learn, and copy the GREATS

Step 2 - Innovate and become the ONLY (not just the best) - Present

Step 3 - Obsess to create MASTERY

Step 4 - SUSTAIN the test of TIME (recession(s') proof) - Future

Step 5 - LEGACY, be GENERATIONAL - leave my SIGNATURE - Past

Based on Harvard's educational business model, here are the new updates (20th May) to the upcoming cohort:


A) New cohort name:

The Hunger Game ๐Ÿฆ of personal branding ยฎ๏ธ

  • What: Personal-brand-building cohort (PBBC)
  • Style: Coaching mastermind
  • CTA(s): Join the Hunger Games, Join The Games, Become a Professional Player
  • Premise: Orchestrate a world-class personal brand


B) More demand, few supply (qualification system):

1. I created a waitlist so that I can qualify who's a good fit for the cohort and will only take 10 people at a time so that there's endless demand.

2. I will focus on WHO'S THIS IS NOT FOR more than who is it for.

I donโ€™t want to work with people who (are):

  • Don't have their best interest or mine at heart
  • Don't know, like, trust, and respect me or the value that I provide to the table (beforehand!)
  • Not Aligned with my values & expectations from day one
  • Patronizing, bossy, and unapologetic for their bad behavior
  • Take things personally
  • Highly sensitive & emotional and donโ€™t know how to keep their personal issues at home and bring that pressure to the business
    • Donโ€™t know how to manage and regulate their emotions & stress levels
  • Make decisions based on feelings rather than logic when itโ€™s a critical situation in the business
  • Overly saturated
  • Cheap and canโ€™t afford me
  • Feminists (against man leaders)
  • Not at my same level of energy, drive, and momentum โ€” Action-taking & fast execution is one of my work values
    • Isn't thinking in the same time horizon as I do (long-term win vs short-term gain)
  • Not respectful of my time or theirs
  • Not willing to put themselves out there

3. I will not necessarily promise a "money" related outcome although that would be a consequence of them building a strong personal brand.


C) Brand experience that creates integrity & legitimacy:

Instead of giving a "certification of completion" at the end of each cohort which indeed build the brand endorsement. But doesn't necessarily guarantee that every client will be happy, gives a positive review, or achieve a desired outcome.

I want to graduate them instead.

But wait: "You're not a well-known school / organization !"


I'm a creative misfit and I let my imagination run wild on this one,

And I came up with this cool idea that might just work (or not).

I'm going to lean into the hunger games experience and create a series of game(s) (exercises / challenges / projects) to play with.

The overachievers who play the game(s) and succeed in it will be the one highlighted as "professional players" who have successfully orchestrated their personal brands.

Those who play the game and fail will have the Dopamine rush to TRY AGAIN, until they actually finish the game.


-> The winners will get the brand endorsement.

-> The losers will not have any recognition but they'll have the option to play again.

I might be biased but why is this such a great idea?



Therefore people would have more incentives to actually do the homeworks therefore achieve their desired outcomes therefore speak good about the brand.

2. It keeps the integrity of the brand high & the legitimacy of the brand untouched

Like Alex Hormozi said:

"Is that an educational business? Abso-fucking-lutely.
Is it a scam? In no possible fucking way."


D) Last week (11th May) update:

1. A more streamlined approach when it comes to the curriculum โœ…

2. No money-back guarantees โœ…

3. New price at $1500 โœ…


Join the Hunger Game of Personal Branding - Cohort Edition ๐Ÿฆ


The cohort experience (beta) will look something like this:

Casting โ†’ Game(s) โ†’ Championship โ†’ Playoffs โ†’ Qualification โ†’ Ceremony


If you apply to the cohort TODAY,

We will give you a $300 credit that will be subtracted from the official price of the cohort.

If you have purchased one of our previous masterclasses, workshops, or community memberships. You'll also get whatever you paid as a credit to this cohort.


Next cohort starts on the 14th of June,
This is a first come, first served - policy.

~ (You know the drill) ~โ€‹

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