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Learning how to monetize your personal brand and launch 6-figure info-products online and on-demand.

Hello Reader, Howdy?

I don't want to leave you MIA but we're just super busy taking care of our cohort customers for now.

Still, I thought you might like a sneak peek of the personal brand challenge.

You are here for a trait!

- Let me show you what you missed inside the cohort -


We just started with week 2!

Our cohort mates have been practicing in:

  • Finding their ideal customer for their coaching services
  • Creating irresistible offers
  • Auditing each other's offers
  • Positioning their personal brands
  • Finding lead sources based on their journeys

They have been utilizing our resources, case studies, guides, and examples to find answers for each step of the way!

Take a look for yourself:

Week one highlights,
Creating an offer of 1

​Watch the video below to learn how:​

3 steps to create a $3,000 offer

1. FOCUS - Game of one

One niche,
One service,
One solution to one problem,
One offer,
One target audience.

Simple scales, fancy fails.

Why is this such a powerful concept?​
Because if you use this game of one as your main focus then if you still don't convert or make sales,
You only need to fix one thing, you either are talking to the wrong target audience, or your offer is not irresistible or your service doesn't solve the main problem that they have.
You fix one, and all the other pieces will fall into place.

  • Define who your ideal customer is
  • Do your research on what they need the most, what's the dream outcome, what's their pain & challenges, etc. (use the market research notion page)
  • Find exactly where they are, that's your lead generation source
  • Create a valuable & most-needed solution to their urgent problem (solve rich problems to make rich people money)
    • More money
    • Less risky option
    • More time
    • Get known (awareness)
  • Create an offer that they feel stupid saying no to based on the above (check the offer notion page)
  • Validate your offer & your research by actually talking to them and having conversations with them (ask for a feedback call or use LinkedIn polls)
  • Sell the destination not the journey, sell the abs, not the workout. Sell the tangible not the intangible.
  • If you want to make money, sell what is on-demand, sell what the market want & need.
    • If you want fulfillment, sell what gets you closer to your purpose, sell what keeps you up at night, sell your interests, sell your perspective! sell your world view!
      • If you want to make a living doing what you love, sell both!

2. Do the basics well (make it a habit)

  • Daily prospecting: Reach out to 20 ideal customers a day for 30 days
  • Daily content - give value: Post 2 - 3 times a day (video/image/text/story) and include a call to action to your main offer
  • Stay in the known, let people know you exist and that you actually have an offer on sale
    • Ask for introductions, referrals, family, friends, colleagues, communities you are part of, etc.
  • Ask for reviews & testimonials
  • Make it an experiment - document everything - share the good, the bad, and the ugly!

3. Create a natural progression (funnel)

Once people see you exist and engage with your content then what's next? Don't assume people know. It's your job to guide them to the next step!
​Here are some examples:

  • Attention (content) β†’ Trust (newsletter) β†’ Purchase (landing page)
  • Content -> DM -> Qualification -> Zoom call -> Pitch offer
  • Free audit -> Free profile review -> Paid coaching call -> 3 month program with a guarantee
  • Workshop -> Survey (test) -> Reach out (email) based on test -> Presentation -> Offer -> Consulting


What have you learned as a cohort instructor? πŸ‘¨β€πŸ«

With full transparency!


Glad you asked! It's not all green & roses. It's a new experience for me.

Things have been going super fast for me and I'm not complaining here! Growth and discomfort is where I grow and what I seek.

Here is what I learned:

  • I'm good at managing stress - I tend to be 10x more productive when there's a deadline, and very messy and unorganized when there isn't (ADHD folks would understand lol).
  • The curriculum was overwhelming (too much information) β†’ People didn't want the information "only", they wanted results.
  • As small as this cohort is, people still wanted extra accountability between each other! they want more facetime with each other, they want a community.
  • IT'S SUPER IMPORTANT TO SPEND THE TIME with each customer, learn more about them and what they are going through so that you build trust and also make your cohort experience better.
  • Asking for feedback is key - I had to do radical changes to the sequence of the cohort, the curriculum, etc. while still keeping track on time and promises.
  • Confidence-based guarantee do sell but are very hard to deliver.
  • Operational drag between Convertkit emails β†’ Luma β†’ Circle feels a bit too much, I might remove a step later.
  • Why I lost a customer:
    1. timing on their end
    2. No contract or some form of legal commitment
    3. Weak customer journey, not all customers are on the same energy or sharing the same values (think mastermind over masterclass next time!)
    4. Curriculum mismatch / overwhelm β€” less streamlined approach.

Hopefully you get to learn from my mistakes!

P.S. If you are in the process of building a coaching-based cohort,
Please reach out to me as my brain is still fresh on the topic! I can share my SOPs with you and show you the whole masterplan.

Just reply to this email, and we can arrange something :))


When is the next cohort and what should we expect from it? 🏴


This cohort ends on the 7th of June and the next one will (unofficially) start on the 14th of June.

A couple of things to expect:

1. A more streamlined approach when it comes to the curriculum (already done!)

2. A different name! Something more specific and more niched, maybe something on the edge of:

  • "Monetize (your first) $3k group coaching service with your personal brand in less than 30 days".

(Would love to hear some naming suggestions from you!
Reply to this email and let me know).

3. No money-back guarantees

4. Price go up from $300 to $1500 (or more!)


  • If this cohort is a success,
    I'm expecting some customers to make more then $3k (which is already 10x of financial return on their current investment).
  • The value we're giving inside this cohort is what I like to call "a laughably low price with a crazy amount of value.", if the perceived price is 10x, the actual value is 100x more.
  • I'm simply worth more and I want better clients :p


But what If you really wanted to join the last time with the old price but your circumstances didn't help?


As a branding person,

I'm against discount-based marketing to get short-term sign ups, when I'm trying to build long-term clientele.

But what I can do for you instead is that I will give you a $300 credit that will be subtracted from the new price if you join the waitlist TODAY.



Don't wait until we launch, Join the waitlist now!

This is a first come, first served - policy.

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Personal Brand MBA 🏴

Learning how to monetize your personal brand and launch 6-figure info-products online and on-demand.