Help Amine Hammou Escape LinkedIn Jail !


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Yes, you read that right.

9,000+ followers later,
​1527 posts later,
Half a decade later,
And suddenly just because I sent too many connection requests (who doesn't?) or whatever the real reason is...

LinkedIn decided I was no longer part of the professional community and I don't respect their policies, thus, getting my account suspended.

Did all the paper work, asked their support on Twitter, watched all the tutorials on how to get my account back, but nothing seems to be working.


This is a Call for Help!


I asked a big LinkedIn creator who escaped LinkedIn jail twice,

How can I get back access to my account?

He said: β€œAsk your community to make a post on how you contributed to their lives, and then share those posts with LinkedIn Customer Support to prove your professionalism and authority.”

I asked another peer in the branding industry, and she shared her own experience through this article:



Now to action.


1) Indirect way you can help me:


​Make this post on LinkedIn using the hashtag:


Let the LinkedIn mods know that without me, LinkedIn would be a dull, dull place.

Share me the link to your post with me via email, and ask your people to share it!


2) Direct way you can help me:


If you know someone who works at LinkedIn who can help get my account back, get in touch (reply to this email).

I'll be forever grateful.


If not... I will miss this loving Misfit Community...


This is the time where all my efforts in building a community of misfits is going to be questioned.

Do my people have my back?

Or is this a hard lesson to swallow.

Only time can tell.




The community have spoken!

I'm so happy that my people got my back as much as I got theirs.

Here is to some LinkedIn wall of love (or jail?):










So now what happens after this?

I made another appeal.

I shared all your social proof, guys, but...

LinkedIn doesn't have an ear to listen.



I'm getting some help from one of my Lawyer friends,

2 is better than 1 right?


I'm also planning to go public with this on Twitter and Medium. So stay tuned with that thread :))


Anyhoos, Let's see where this goes,

I'll keep you updated with how this story ends!


Ziz, Lonica, Imed, Jordan, Soo Young, Anks, Lorri, Edimperk, Denise, Peter, Damian, Trevor, Mary, Matt, Zachary, Amanda, and everyone else who helped.

Thank you from the deepest of my heart for supporting me in this campaign...

We might lose this battle, but we will win the war 🏴


Onto the next one ;)

Personal Brand MBA 🏴

Learning how to monetize your personal brand and launch 6-figure info-products online and on-demand.