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Creator Entrepreneurship: 7-Figure Lessons w/ CEO of AppSumo 🏴

- Noah Kagan -

Just a bit of fresh air from the LinkedIn jail story.

Today, I want to share with you some pieces of brutally honest career advice (I wish I knew earlier) — From Noah Kagan.


1. Take more risk/swings — You only need ONE to win

2. Be the center/hub of the niche — Host meetups & events (especially when you don't know anyone).

3. Document your learning online — Creating content is a career cheat code

→ Worst case? You learn how to write and promote your work.

→ Best case? You attract life-changing opportunities.

4. Keep a running journal.

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5. Master the art of the cold email — ASK ASK GET

6. Don't ask how you can help, just help — Get your foot in the door — It’s not free work, it’s pre-work

Always ask yourself, “How can I make this a no-brainer for them?”

7. Your network DOES matter — Ask the smartest people you know, “Who is ONE person I should meet?”

8. Don’t quit too soon — Instead of quitting when it gets boring – Find someone to run it while you work on the next thing.

9. Read more biographies — A wise friend once told me

“There are million-dollar lessons hidden in $30 books.”

10. When life gives you lemon, you make a lemonade.

(Ok, I might've added that last one, please don't hate me :)

Oh, and before you go:

K Bye.


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Personal Brand MBA 🏴

Learning how to monetize your personal brand and launch 6-figure info-products online and on-demand.